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From the food that you put into your body, to the household products you regularly use, there are many things to consider when attempting to live your best life. That is why I built these courses to help guide you through your own health journey to living a healthier and overall happier life!



We've been conditioned to believe that health is complicated, and sickness is inevitable. This is simply not true, and we must un-learn the ideas that have kept entire generations sick and diseased



Each program is designed to retrain the way you think, live and act and help you realize the fullness of your potential. 




Each program includes resources to help guide you through the modules and throughout your everyday life. Also, you'll find exclusive offers only available to participants.

The Metabolism Makeover

Transform the way you think, move and eat!

  • Explore the flaws in the most popular diet trends and fads
  • Reduce the body's toxicity by naturally supporting your detoxification system
  • Kickstart your health journey with essential metabolism-boosting nutrients
  • Hold yourself accountable by implementing the 30-Day Maxliving Challenge
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Detox: Home & Body

Cleanse your house, body and mind with Dr. Traci Gross and Leah Wilson.

  • Discover how toxic overload can be associated with headaches, fatigue, skin problems, belly fat, mood swings, and more
  • Learn the top toxins in your kitchen, laundry and personal care products
  • Master how to detox your home
  • Uncover the top detoxifying foods to cleanse your body and clear your mind
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